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Authentic Pizza Ovens featured in

Watch Penny Warring, owner and CEO of Authentic Pizza Ovens shows how to create the perfect pizza in your backyard.

Phoenix Arizona,

There is a renaissance in the humble pie as world renowned chefs like the Valley’s own Chris Bianco and Britain’s Jamie Oliver kick the plain pizza to the curb and replace it with gourmet creations. At the center of this revival is fire, wood fired ovens, which are said to be the key to making the perfect pizza pie.

A Phoenix businesswoman Penny Warring is fueling the fire of interest with her business venture located in Scottsdale Arizona.

Penny said “ when researching our ovens we just loved the authentic timeless design and of course the incredible taste of the food which is cooked in these traditional ovens. The people in the village where we source are ovens have been making them by hand for generations, and the craftsmanship which is evident in their construction is a legacy of the generational care and love of their craft.”

Family is a key to this style of cooking. There are few other dishes, which draw friends and family like a home cooked oven food. Especially when everyone participates in their favorite pie, kids just love to get involved. “Because you can make them as personal sizes and they only take 90 seconds you can experiment with different ingredients which is part of the fun. Said Penny. We just love watching our family and friend’s eyes light up whenever we cook in these ovens. Many are rotisserie capable and we cook dishes from fish, to roasts to beads and desserts.”

The ovens are surprisingly affordable considering the fact that they are all handmade and the price includes delivery to the lower 48 states. The traditional ovens cost between $1595 and $1895 and the modern more portable ones are priced at $1295. Penny said, “these ovens are an investment as much as anything else as they add real value to any outdoor setting enhancing the home’s value. In fact we have real estate agents asking if they can use our ovens to stage their homes.”